SUPERMODELS is an initiative of CONCERN

Background & Context


SUPERMODELS is an initiative of Concern and has a message: ‘Dutch Design to scale’.

The main motive is the overall demand for an all-inclusive, representative show about Dutch Design.


SUPERMODELS combines different design aspects; architecture, interior- and product design.

The show has three sub-exhibitions: Dutch Design Chairs, Dutch Architect Design Houses and the presentation of the Dutch Design House.


For the realisation of the exhibition we Concern has worked closely with the Dutch Art & Culture Authorities, Designers & Design studios and  market leaders with a strong Dutch heritage.





Dutch Chairs and Iconic Architecture: a century


Supermodels provides an overview of a century of iconic Dutch chairs and architecture at  an accessible scale.


Designs by Gerrit Rietveld, Martin Visser, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, Marcel Wanders, Joep van Lieshout, Ineke Hans and Maarten Baas amongst others have been 3D printed. 3D printing is currently being used for the making of many products – for example jewelery – and even for a life size building (the 3D printed canal house in Amsterdam by DUS Architects). However, within this project 3D printing is used for its original purpose: creating scale models.

Each of the chairs is produced in the same white polyamide and at the same scale 1:6, enabling a perfect comparison of variations in form. In addition, Supermodels presents scale models of a selection of houses designed by Gerrit Rietveld, Van Doesburg/van Eesteren, Jan Benthem, Hans van Heeswijk and other architects.


Apart from the scale models of chairs and architecture, Supermodels presents a variation on a very appealing historic theme: the dollshouse. A diverse selection of designers, artists and companies have been asked to design an interior at scale 1:12. Amongst them designers / architects Makkink & Bey, textile designer Claudy Jongstra, wayfinding specialist Mijksenaar, exhibition designers Kossmann.dejong, artist Krijn de Koning and furniture manufacturer DUM. Together, these designs to scale, ranging from hotel rooms, to offices and exhibition galleries, form the Dutch Design (Doll) House, which can continuously be extened with more Dutch design ideas.


With this, Supermodels creates a broad overview of the creativity of Dutch designers, artists and architects and shows that the fame of the current generation originates from a rich history of design.



Ingeborg de Roode - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


SUPERMODELS is an initiative of CONCERN